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Sea Shepherd

Animals are very high on my list of things to do with kids, and activities for kids to do with animals are almost endless. Some of the very best things to do with kids include education about nature and animals and if they are passionate about something, support them.

Recently, I visited The Great Australian Bight in South Australia and the reason I did, and the reason I did when I did, is because I wanted to be there when the Sea Shepherd – Steve Irwin ship arrived there.

I had posted my blog Gift of the GAB not long before and I had become quite passionate about the topic and I wanted to see the whales and the whale nursery for myself while it was populated with Southern Right Whale mothers and their calf’s. It worked out great that Sea Shepherd would be there at the same time as the whales.

Tookii and Sea Shepherd ship
Tookii passing the Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin ship

Sea Shepherd is a non-profit, marine conservation organization and have been called eco-terrorists by some, such as the Japanese government, as a result of Sea Shepherd opposing the Japanese whaling ships.

I would like to look at the word ‘terrorism’ for just a moment. It is the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of aims. I would like to beg the question ‘why the injustices against which they (Sea Shepherd) stand IS authorized’? Is it because the horror is not inflicted upon humans? If you are small thinking enough to believe that is so. Who will speak for those who cannot speak for themselves? Isn’t this our responsibility as humans?

Tookii and Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin
Tookii checking out the Sea Shepherd Ship Steve Irwin

If we consider ourselves the keepers of the planet, as humans, then with that position comes responsibility. But, it seems we are using our position for power. Power to use and abuse everything else on the planet for our own sake – short term that is, but ultimately proving ourselves to be a species stupid enough to destroy our very source of life, isn’t that more a disease than a species? How weak we are and stupid for squandering the beauty and abundance of our planet, and to our own detriment.

I stood and watched a baby whale frolic right in front of me, at the natural whale nursery at the Head of The Bight, and I felt both deeply sad and highly protective. That baby whale does not know of the risk that his whole species faces at the greed of a very small few humans, he cannot know. And there he was playfully enjoying what is his birthright  and his only source of life – the sea.

Baby Southern Right Whale
Baby whale playing at the Head of The Great Australian Bight

He, nor his mother, would understand the stupidity of such risk to all that live in the sea for nothing more than little pieces of paper – that we also cut life giving trees down to print on – what we call money.

I decided right there, at The Bight watching my playful baby whale, that if that baby whale cannot speak for himself, it is my responsibility to speak for him. I went to tea the following night with the crew from the Sea Shepherd ship and I am so grateful to them for standing up for my baby whale and protecting us humans from ourselves and our own stupidity. For me there is no argument here. Some things MUST be held sacred and preserved. Money is off the table in these area’s – irrelevant!

Baby whale frolicking
Frolicking whale at the Head of The Bight

I say ‘NO’ to drilling oil in The Great Australian Bight!

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”

My baby whale needs a name, do you have any ideas?

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14 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd

      1. There are many out there doing little things that add up. Unfortunately there are people who just don’t care. My hope is that the ones that do care will get more and more and that our kids will care as well and that we will be able to help our planet recover from what has been done to it…

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    1. This was my first trip to see the whales – I will definitely go back as soon as I can. what an amazing part of Australia!! Yes Sea Shepherd work very hard for those who can’t speak for themselves, I’m so grateful for that.

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    1. You’re lovely Vicki, thank you so much. Yes I was very lucky to have tea with the crew, we actually also took a boat tour with some of the crew for photos and footage (and more whales etc) I’m very lucky. I’m so glad you enjoy my posts, I’m grateful for the help I had with this post and I love that you are here xx

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      1. I played with Whales last year on my cruise to alaska. I got a cute picture of mother and calf. It was raining though, so my picture if not as vivid as yours! What a wonderful day of memories for you! Enjoy seeing all the wonders the world has to offer!

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  1. Thanks for considering Noah as its name. It took me a while to figure it out. I can’t go for Moby Dick because it was a vicious one based on the book. As for other names of Australian origin, I couldn’t think of any. Definitely NOT Crocodile Dundee since it’s a human character’s name associated with dealing with the crocs.

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