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Hawaii Dreaming

I’m not sure this post is strictly about things to do with kids. It might be more about things that Tookii would like to do but kids usually have some dreams. Do you know what they are?

“I have a dream”. It’s just a little dream but it’s a far off dream for me.

I would like to visit Hawaii.

Tookii on beach
Tookii dreams of Hawaii

A perfect holiday adventure for me would be to visit Vanuatu, Fiji, Tahiti and onto Hawaii. Oh what a dream!

I studied Tahiti in school recently and it opened up this whole part of the world for me, that I didn’t even know existed before. Now I would just love to go and experience these beautiful places for myself.

Tookii dreaming of Hawaii
Tookii playing ukulele on the beach

Maybe one day I will be able to go there and share the experience with you here on my blog.

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9 thoughts on “Hawaii Dreaming

  1. Travel agencies usually have package deals for travelers. It’s something to look into when you feel that the time is right to travel. Also, look into online travel agencies like Expedia for example. Going online to book for ticket,hotels,etc. eliminates the commission fee you give the travel agent, airline customer service rep,etc.

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      1. You’re welcome. Tell your mom to look into those travel agencies /websites which are available within Australia . This will make a big difference in terms of the sales tax,etc., dollar exchange,etc. Ex. Expedia is available worldwide. I use it myself but I go through Expedia Canada. If I go through Expedia USA, the costs triples! Get my point?

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