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Someone’s not going hungry

I’ve spoken many time on gardening and that it is a great thing to do with kids, this is not such a success story however lol.

This little garden pot plot is supposed to be growing broccoli. Well, I guess it is growing broccoli so I can’t complain about the plot but I’m not getting to eat any broccoli.

Why not? I hear you ask.

Tookii gardening
The almost broccoli patch

Well! I’m glad you asked and I’ll tell you! … Did you know that snails like broccoli? I know that snails like broccoli very, very much and as much as the broccoli tries to grow is as much as the snails like to eat.

I think you get the picture.

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20 thoughts on “Someone’s not going hungry

    1. Broccoli is considered one of the cool season crops. Leafy and root veggies do best in cooler weather and most can handle light-moderate frost. Length of growing time depends on the type and variety of veggie. I studied this in my Botany class when I was working through getting my degree in Biology during my college days.

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  1. Tookii, regarding your snail,it’s probably a land snail. What they actually eat depends on where they are living and the type of species they are.Common diet items—plants,fruits,veggies. Decaying plants–good for them. Dirt is also good for them to eat because it contains calcium so as to acquire a thicker shell.Most snails are herbivores(vegans) like the one in your garden. If they get exposed to pesticides/herbicides in your garden, it will kill them.
    To prevent them from eating up your broccoli,some farmers do the most humane way—trap them by placing lids from jar filled with beer in the garden and then releasing them back into the environment.
    In big farms,they use 6 inch screens of copper that’s placed in the ground. The slime from the snail doesn’t mix well with the copper so they stay away from the food source. It was proven successful.
    Snails usually look for food at night or during very early morning hours in the colder months. They store them as fat reserves and hibernate during the winter.
    If you keep the snailas a pet, it will die if you feed it anything salty or sweet.

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      1. If preventing them from rading your garden is too much work, you can always make the snails as a dish like what the French do. It’s called escargot. I’ve tried it as an appetizer wherein the cooked snail in a special sauce is served witih toothpicks. You use the toothpick to bring out the meat inside the shell. Delish!

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      2. Of course! As I told you before, if a thought comes to my mind regarding any particular topic, I will speak out. I expect you will win over the snail this time. Score should be Tookii–10, Snail-1. My absolute favorite—cooked snail in garlic-herb butter sauce served with crusty bread. So Frenchy!

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  2. I`ve given up with the snails in my garden, its just a losing battle so I`ve decided to just grow things that snails don’t like, i have lots of flowers they aren’t keen on but still finding out about vegetables. They seem to hate raspberry’s though, I`ve got fruit on them about to ripen soon πŸ™‚

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