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Not everything on my things to do with kids list are activities for kids to do at home. Some are about travel, some are about summer camp and the type of activities that are away from home. It’s because of this we need to be aware of homesickness. It is very real!
I stay away from home a lot. I have a young family, which means that there are five generations and four generations live within a school bus ride of each other at the moment. This all means that I can go home from school to any house I like (Mum’s, Nanna’s, other Nanna’s or Great-grandparents – all who live in four different towns). 
But I do get homesick sometimes!
Tookii missing home
Tookii feeling homesick
I am very close with my Mum and sometimes I will be away for a few days and suddenly I feel terrible – just out of no where I get sad for no reason and I miss my Mummy.
It makes my tummy ache when I can’t hug my Mummy.

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3 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. As you get older, you’ll be able to handle and adjust much better whenever you’re physically separated from your mom. You and your mom will always have that emotional bond irregardless of where both of you are at those very moments. As you face life on a daily basis, there will be times that you will not be with your mom beside you. It’s what I call—growing up. I would suggest that with our high-tech and digital era now, perhaps you can call,text or email her in case you have your mobile phone, iPad,tablet,whatever whenever the feeling of homesickness comes up. However, for this to happen,I would suggest that you talk to her as to how both of you can keep in touch without disrupting both of your respective routines—work,school,etc. It’s just my 2 cents’ worth on this matter.

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