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Hot Chocolate

Things to do with kids and chocolate are usually a win. Things to do with that chocolate being hot and drinkable can also be a win. We’ll usually take chocolate in any form lol

I love hot chocolate. I especially love it when it’s cold and other times when I’m sooky, like tired or just needing comfort food.

hot chocolate
Tookii making hot chocolate

My favorite hot chocolate is Milo. I’m not sure what countries sell Milo so if you don’t know what I’m talking about – Milo is a sort of chocolate powder that is often used to make cups of hot chocolate and it would be the most common brand in Australia I would think, and nearly all kids would have some at home.

hot choc drink
Yummy hot chocolate

PS it’s also good in a glass of cold milk as a cold chocolate milk and also on vanilla ice cream for a really cold chocolate milk haha

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12 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate

      1. I agree that Milo has a more creamy and intense chocolate flavor than Ovaltine. Surprisingly, I don’t see Milo around as much as Ovaltine. Probably because of how it’s distributed/manufactured worldwide.

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    1. Yaasssss! Yuummmm 😷 I do this with Milo and put waayyyy too much Milo in and don’t stir it in very much, leaving clumps of Milo (wet on outside dry inside) that I eat with a spoon for a Milo mouth explosion, then when it’s all gone I drink the remaining choc milk BEST 💝

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  1. I love chocolate too. It’s my favourite hot drink. It’s basically a comfort food, probably the most comforting of all comfort foods that that is why some people get addicted to it . Luckily enough I don’t get addicted to it. I drink it twice or three times a week at maximum in such way I enjoy it more than if I world have it each day. I don’t know about Milo, maybe they sell it in the UK too because the name is sort of familiar. I will have a look because I’m very curious especially about food.

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