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After School Snack

Things to do with kids will probably include a snack after school each day. I know I can come home from school hungry. Do you find that kids are often hungry when they come home from school?

I know I am, and it’s very easy to grab something quick, which usually means unhealthy. I was getting into the habit of grabbing biscuits or chips or anything that was quick and easy. I didn’t always grab a piece of fruit, even though it’s just and quick to grab.

Tookii after school snacks
Tookii making a fruit snack

Recently I have been making a habit of coming home and making myself what I call a rustic fruit salad. I grab a few different pieces of fruit and cut them into large pieces and throw them in a bowl and off I go. I hope I can swap a bad habit for a healthy one.

ps the point of cutting a flat side first is so I can lay a round item flat, making it more stable to cut. I’m making out to cut like that (not having the flat side down in the photo) so you can see it’s an apple 😏

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8 thoughts on “After School Snack

  1. Some nutritionists say to include some protein if you eat a piece of fruit so as to be sustained a little longer before your next main meal. Examples would be a piece of cheese, 1 hard boiled egg or a tablespoon of peanut or other type of nut butter. Some fruits with a high sugar content will give you a sugar spike and a deep plunge(sugar low) afterwards. Protein on the other hand keeps your blood sugar level on an even keel and it also keeps you full.

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