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Artistic Photoshoot

I blog about things to do with kids and I’m a big believer in both dressing up and photoshoots for kids who are into that sort of thing. Today we combine the two.

Something that Mum and I do sometimes is have a photo shoot and sometimes we just have a whole shoot that is artistic, like dress ups, with a theme of being scary or sad or whatever we want to do that day.

Tookii photo shoot
Tookii artistic shoot

Here is an idea we came up with on one of these shoots – it’s just for fun but I kinda like what we ended up with.

Why not have an artistic photoshoot with your children? Play dress ups and get into character and get lots of photos – there’s likely to be a couple of great shots to keep.

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15 thoughts on “Artistic Photoshoot

  1. Tookii, you look great ! At first, I thought you were dressed up as Esmeralda ,the gypsy girl from the play–The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If you put a fake stone on your forehead or use a crayon to draw a shaded circle over, you’ll be dressed up as Princess Jasmine from India in the Disney movie–Aladdin.

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    1. Hi Stacy, this photo is years old but I am a child. I’m not allowed to give certain personal details online or Mum will not allow me to continue and my name, address and age are on the top of the list. Sorry. Why do you ask?

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