Tookii things to do with kids eating pumpkin soup one of the activities for kids

Pumpkin Soup

Things to do with kids eating healthy food like vegetables is always a good idea. That’s easy – the hard part sometimes is convincing them of that.

I have mentioned our pumpkins before in my blog post Pumpkin Patch … well … one of our fine pumpkins grew up and became pumpkin soup.

Tookii at dinner table
Tookii eating pumpkin soup

Like I said in the Pumpkin Patch post – I’m not a big fan of pumpkin but I do love pumpkin soup. I love a dollop of cream to mix into the soup and toasted garlic bread to go with it.

What a great dish to serve on a cold night to eat by the fire with the family.

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12 thoughts on “Pumpkin Soup

      1. Pumpkin pie is an American cake that is eaten during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween. It’s truly delicious. In my humorous novel: “The Lioness Pastry Cook” it’s mentioned as being the second or third most popular cake in the Galaxy of the Milky Way (because I like it of course … Ravioli filled with pumpkin puree’ is a pasta delicacy of the city of Bologna in central Italy. In Italy Bologna is called the Fat because of its exquisite substantial cuisine.

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      1. I’ll do just that. October is just a few months away and it’ll be Thanksgiving here in Canada by then. Pumpkins will be more available for making pumpkin pie and I’ll surely have 1 to make pumpkin soup. My blender awaits!

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