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Pine Cones

I found a beautiful foreshore lawn to sit and enjoy the view and on this lawn I found pine cones.

Have your children ever seen a pine cone and have they ever tried pine cone art? There are great things to do with kids and pinecones.

Tookii holding pine cones
Tookii found some pine cones

A pine cone is fruit (wood fruit and not for eating) from a pine tree. It is closed and has seeds inside, then it opens to let the seeds out. The pine cones that I am holding have opened.

You can even buy pine cones for art and crafts and decorate them in many ways and arrange them into all sorts of things. Try Google images for some ideas.

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15 thoughts on “Pine Cones

  1. If you can find a pine tree nearby, pick out the pine cones still attached to the tree. It contains seeds and once it jiggles, it means that the seeds inside are ready to be planted. A pine tree will grow and you’ll have a potential Xmas tree! Check out links as to how to do it more in detail.The pine cones that you just picked from the ground are already brown(not green) and all its seeds are already gone so it cannot be planted so as to grow into a pine tree.

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  2. When we moved into this house, there was a 30 foot pine tree next to it. It dropped the most massive pine cones. They were actually kind of dangerous because they could hurt if they landed on you. We would hear them drop onto the roof at night, roll down, and then plunk onto the sidewalk. The previous owner warned us not to park a car too near it during a storm, or a cone could fall and dent it or break a window. We finally had the thing cut down for safety reasons, but we’ve kept a bunch of the cones to line the walkway. Lots of people have commented on them.

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      1. I love pines and pine cones. But of course being Italian and the controversial cook as soon as I get hold of a pine cone my first move is to get the pine nuts out of it and eat them or prepare some delicious Sicilian dishes as pine seeds feature a lot in Sicilian cuisine.

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