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How Much Music?

Music offers so many great things to do with kids, for starters learning to practise.

How much music practice do I do?

I’m going to start by saying that normally a music student will probably do a standard 1/2 hour lesson per week for each instrument and would be expected to practice at home preferably each day for at least 1/2 hour.

music study
Tookii studying music theory

I do 10 hours of music lessons each week. This is because I study 5 subjects and I am lucky enough to be able to do most of my practice with a teacher because I have music teachers within my family and therefore I don’t have to pay for their time. Additionally, I have a piano teacher and I’m about to begin with a new teacher for guitar and drums.

This is not normal and there is no way I could do this if I had to pay for all my teachers. My plan is to get to a good level in music while I’m young, before other school subjects etc get too time consuming and I will have to cut my music time back.

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19 thoughts on “How Much Music?

  1. If you’re going to cut your music time at some point because of increasing schoolwork, I think realistically that you should just focus on which musical instruments you want to play with. In this way, it will save you time,effort and expense if you have to quit playing other instruments. It can get to be overwhelming but it’s up to you as to how much you can carry on. Good luck!

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    1. That would be the best thing to do. I want to complete Grade 4 Theory and Grade 4 Musicianship over the next 2 years and then leave theory exams there. If I decide to get more certificates later I still can. That’s a pretty good level of music to be able to read music and song write. I’ll be happy with that until after school at least.

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      1. Yup! Better to start with a minimum, complete them before going to the next level. It would look much better than starting with a lot of things at once and end up looking half-baked/half-finished.You can only do so much in such a limited period of time. The last thing you need is your music school record to look like that. It’ll give the false picture that you’re wishy-washy. Everything is perception and optics! Remember that!

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  2. You are lucky to have started young. I wish I had done that. I started when I was about 55 studying diatonic harmonica at a course but I was so good that I learnt it very quickly and even played in a blues band for a few months. Then I started chromatic harmonica by myself because I wanted a chromatic instrument. Done that I learnt the pan flute by myself and then the melodica. About three month ago I had a go at the piano learning it by myself. I never did the piano because I’ve a disabled left hand so I thought that I couldn’t do it but I tried and kept going especially after having seen a couple of fantastic one hand pianists on youtube. Now after three months playing 1/2 hour a day I can play it rather well. Moreover learning the piano has made me better at the other instruments. Still struggling a bit when playing the bass line with the left while playing the melody with the right especially when playing boogie-boogie but I’m getting there. Initially I could only do a third with the left hand but now I can do a fifth. As they say it’s never to late to learn.

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  3. Thank you. Do you think one hour a week is too much? My son has his first guitar lesson next Saturday and it’s for a half hour. I was wondering if I should do one hour a week lessons or just do the standard half hour?

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    1. Since it’s his first lesson and it’s guitar I would suggest staying at 1/2 hour regardless of age and go to an hour when he’s ready, mainly because his fingers might get sore until they get used to the strings. And a couple of short 1/2 hour practice sessions between lessons and increase from there as he and his fingers are ready.

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  4. As a Professional Music Educator, my observation is this: it sounds wonderful that a desire to learn all you can…. However, there needs to be balance, as well as reasonableness. You will grow to become a highly skilled Musician if you learn to think and decide in a balanced and reasonable manner.
    Granted, with ‘time’ you will have plenty of opportunity to learn all you can about music, but, having the ability to “focus and retain what you hear,” and to get “good grades is vitally important to a developing Artist.”
    Otherwise, with the passage of time, you will find that a pursuit in Music will no longer be enjoyable or fun, but, will become a very small part in your life as you get to be of mature age. Then all of this pressure you are currently enduring, would have been for no purpose at all.
    To learn 1 or even 2 musical instruments is great! And that decision is always “age appropriate.” Learn at a natural and gradual pace..and do not pack in too much learning all at once.
    Music is a Gift, and should never become a burden.

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