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My First Guitar Lesson

We can’t talk about things to do with kids without talking about gifts for kids. I think there’s a law against it or something lol. Or there should be ๐Ÿ˜‰ Guitars and / or guitar lessons are both good gifts to give a child that might be interested in trying it out.

This is me off to my very first guitar lesson. I have my brand new purple 3/4 sized acoustic guitar (with nylon strings) in my guitar bag and a biscuit or two for the walk to lesson.ย We don’t live there anymore but it was great because I could just walk around the corner to lesson.

Tookii guitar lessons
Tookii off to her first guitar lesson

In my first lesson I learnt all the names of all the parts of the guitar and I had to learn them well enough to be able to say them when the teacher pointed to them and I learned that a guitar needed to be tuned and how to do it with a guitar tuner.

Tookii at music lesson
Tookii at her first guitar lesson

Finally, I learned to play G and A on the G string, which is what you can see me doing in this photo. I loved my first guitar lesson and I felt very clever when I went home and showed Mum what I had learnt.

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15 thoughts on “My First Guitar Lesson

  1. Hi Tookii
    I bought my grandson Thomas a 3/4 acoustic guitar for Christmas and I went along with him for a few lessons. He loved learning all he could soak up with the teacher. Now he has guitar lessons every Friday morning at school and is playing really well. I always wished I had learnt guitar when I was a young girl, so I hope you stay with it Tookii and it will be a really special skill to have. Tom will one day be the life of our family gatherings, jamming with the family, it will be fun for sure.
    Sending you happy thoughts from
    Annie in Australia ๐ŸŒž ๐ŸŒด ๐ŸŒŠ

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    1. That’s lovely of you to support Tom with his music. It would mean a lot to him. My Nanna also bought my guitars and supports my music, I am very grateful to her for that โ˜บ


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