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Phillet the Phish

When it comes to a pet fish, I don’t know about things to do with kids so much as things for kids to do. I have a pet fish and I do feed him, I do clean his tank and I do watch him sometimes but as far as activities go – that’s about it. But fish are a good first pet I guess.

I would like to introduce you to my fish. His name is Phillet (#fishpun), pronounced Fillet as in a fillet of fish. Although, I guess technically he is two fillets but, no! We aren’t going to eat him.

Tookii feeding her pet gold fish
Tookii feeding Phillet

For one of my jobs I get to feed Phillet his fish flakes and give him his kiss. It is not a hard job and I just have to remember not to give him too much and make him sick.

Gold fish are a great pet to watch and learn about fish and to learn responsibility. A fish really depends on you to feed it, it’s life depends on you. It’s a super important job and teaches me to think of somebody else and be responsible. Also gold fish don’t need much else and Mum cleans his stuff.

Phillet the fish
Tookii kissing Phillet

As you can see he doesn’t miss too many meals – he is so so much bigger than when he first became part of the family as a baby fish.

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