Tookii things to do with kids Mango one of the activities for kids


Things to do with kids eating fruit is always on the top of my food list.

Do you know what makes an awesome snack on a hot day? Yep, mango!

Tookii mango
Tookii with a mango snack

I love a whole mango for a snack or for breakfast or lunch in summer when the weather is hot. Mango is so refreshing. I can’t speak for all kids but I think most kids would like mango, it’s a really easy flavor to enjoy.

Mango fruit snack
Tookii eating mango fruit

Nanna cuts it into squares (or diamonds) for me so it’s easy to bite off a square at a time or eat with a spoon or fruit fork. mmmm mango !!

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25 thoughts on “MMMango

  1. Growing up and eating those golden yellow human-heart shaped mangoes is indeed a treat. I usually eat it CHILLED. First, I make sure that I don’t wear my best clothes when I eat this. I line some old newspaper on the table.Then,taking one whole mango, I unpeel the skin slowly from the tip and eat it as I go until I reach the bottom.This is my favorite way of eating mangoes.It’s a very juicy fruit and its juice can be a bit thick even if it’s a liquid. It can cause a yellow stain on your clothes which would require prompt washings.

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  2. Oh.yes. I almost forgot to tell you. You can also cool off with mangoes by making a mango smoothie.( Put scooped out mango pulp and put it into a blender with crushed ice and mix away). Another way is to make mango ice cream.

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      1. If you add milk(soy,rice or almond–best for the blender to gt a smooth milk texture), it becomes a milk shake. As to making it a mango ice cream, mix mango puree, condensed milk and cream(ex. Nestle cream or other local brand if you have any), freeze for 6 hours with clear wrap over the container and enjoy! All short-cut cooking tips to enjoy good food quickly!

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    1. Mango ‘s overall texture is smooth yet firm like the tip of your nose. Think of a firm sponge. A too ripe mango will feel too squeezable and watery like an overripe banana. The mango skin will be almost too orange and at times, too black. When this happens, it means that it’s too ripe. The ripe mango smell has a mild sweet fragrance.An unripe mango is green in color and a bit rock-hard to the touch . In the Philippines, pregnant women sometimes eat it as their cravings,served sliced into pieces and served with bagoong(fermented shrimp paste).

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      1. You’re very welcome. I grew up in a tropical country before I migrated To Canada and I was exposed to mangoes early in life . Serve it chilled and the taste is heavenly especially for this summer. For me, the best color is golden-yellow or even a deep yellow-orange. all those other green-red colors of so-called mangoes, I believe are just hybrids. Not the real mango to me!

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      2. You’re welcome. If in case you can buy them in bulk so as to get it cheaper, it’s an option. If you’re not in a hurry to eat the mangoes right away, buy the green ones. It’ll ripen and change to its golden yellow color in time. Same concept as to if you buy bananas and not eat it right away. Another option would be to shop for mangoes in an Asian grocery store . Happy shopping!

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