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In the Studio

Providing activities and things to do with kids that are new experiences and new ways to be creative are awesome activities for kids.

This is my very first recording ever! I am not very old and sometimes I can’t even say the words properly but it was such an interesting experience … if your child is interested in this type of activity it is also a great way to gain a cute keepsake, a snapshot in time to look back on. Recordings, and especially video recordings, are a great idea. Check out these Bloopers and Outtakes on my YouTube channel, for another idea.

The cute way your child says, or mis-says words, their unique ideas on things, even just sitting your child in front of a video camera and talking to them can be a great keepsake for you to look back on and remember – once this age is gone, it is gone forever, so capture it while you can, you’ll be so glad you did.

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11 thoughts on “In the Studio

  1. This reminds me of a well-known singer in the Philippines who made a career since she was a little girl in singing and even ventured into movies and theatre. She’s Lea Salonga and eventually became a Tony Award winner in Broadway in the US. Try looking for the song “I Am But A Small Voice” and go over the English lyrics. It’s a favorite graduation song among preschoolers and reflects the young child’s desire to be heard whether in talking or singing. Actually, singing is one means of communication but by melody. Similar to dance wherein one communicates by body movement and rhythm to the music.

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    1. I Googled her, she is lovely and that song has a great message. ps I think Nanna might take me shopping this morning (re. yesterday’s conversation) 😀


      1. Good things happen to those who wait—just remember–the thrill of the hunt–then the final step—the purchase of whatever you want—even if it’s just a small treat to eat. Enjoy your time with Nanna! Re: Miss Lea–she’s already a grown woman but her voice is still spot on. I still remember her sing Tomorrow in Annie.

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  2. Doing recordings or being on stage is quite exhilarating. The secret for doing them well and overcome the ‘stage fright’ as they call it, is to do a lot of rehearsing before in order to gain confidence. Anyway congratulations!

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