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Grocery Shopping

I’m sure there isn’t a single thing that I can tell an adult about grocery shopping that they don’t already know, and far better than me but, do you pass your knowledge onto your children? Passing on knowledge is a great thing to do with your kids.

Tookii shops
Tookii shopping for groceries

I do my own shopping most of the time. I don’t mean I buy my own food, not exactly, I mean that I shop for my own school lunch food and snacks, my home snacks and, any ingredients that I need for a recipe that I might want to cook.

I find it teaches good food choices, budgeting and builds confidence in a necessary life skill.

Show us how to do things and then let us do them for ourselves, let us struggle and make mistakes. Otherwise, if you do it for us, all we learn is that you do it better.

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11 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping

  1. You seems much more thoughtful and responsible that 99% of adult shoppers. When you consider that half of the food bought in the world is thrown into waste bins by consumers polluting the environment 20 times more than cars then you realize how bad and irresponsible adult shoppers are nowadays. Unfortunately at this rate of waste one day there may be very little to buy in shops. Buying is a great discipline that teaches a lot but very few know how to do it.

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    1. It all seems like such a shame, it makes me sad. We just don’t have enough money to waste, we are thankful when we are able to buy food. All this waste just makes me think of the children who are starving in the world, it is not fun to have to go hungry and for these children that is their whole life 😦

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  2. I love shopping!!Whether it’s online,food/grocery or even going into a physical store,it’s a great,learning experience even if you don’t buy anything at all–aka window-shopping or comparison shopping.

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    1. I must admit, I LOVE shopping too, but we don’t often have the money. We (Mum and I) are away with Nanna atm as I am on school holidays, I’m hoping Nanna will take us shopping, but I’ll never ask her to. If you’re in the mood to shop remember my store is always there for you too haha 😉 xx

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      1. The thrill of shopping is in the hunt. It’s the journey. I love esp. bargain hunting. I know about your store–though I may be half-way around the world from you–if there’s something that will make me think of giving as a gift—I’ll let you know. For now,

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  3. So cool. I take Dutch grocery shopping with me most of the time. I let him pick fresh fruit off the stands and place them in the bags, usually he eats a piece while we shop. I’m glad he is able to experience shopping for healthy choices.

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