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Making it up

Songwriting and being creative are great things to do with kids.

I don’t know if you would really call this post about ‘songwriting’ although I guess it kind of is. Do you play the guitar or are you already learning? Do you know how to play some chords?

I like to sit somewhere with my guitar and play a chord progression, which is just a pattern of chords in a certain order played over and over again. I usually pick three or four chords.

Tookii playing guitar
Tookii strumming guitar

I just sit there and hum a melody and sing any words or sounds that come to me and sometimes it’s kinda catchy.

It’s something you could try for an activity and if you find something you like you could keep going with it and try and turn it into a song.

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11 thoughts on “Making it up

  1. I do it all the time. In fact this is the method that I use to create anything. I play four instruments and when I play them I let myself go freely until something comes. I used to teach creativity to children and I encouraged free expression that to children comes naturally but they loose when they become adults because they become rigid and inhibited. It’s the same with drawing I often doodle until the lines that I draw suggest me something. Then from my drawing I may write stories and books and even musicals. This is one of them This work started when I did a short course in Djembe which is an African drum. The drumming gave me the idea for a drawing that then became a story and a musical. It’s my way of creating. This said I spent many years diligently learning disciplines in all the arts that I do which includes also Tai chi, but while I was very good at them I never created anything unique and original until one day I put aside all that I had learnt at schools and began creating freely just like a child does. Picasso explained it perfectly when he said: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child” That is exactly what creativity is all about. You learn the discipline and then you forget it.

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  2. Hi Tookii I’ve just visited your Facebook page but I couldn’t find the request to become your follower maybe you can. Anyway I’ve read your profile. I can’t believe that you are so young and so clever! You are amazing and very inspirational!!!

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  3. There are so many songwriting methods. I tend to create the melody, words and chord progression all at one time and then sit down to improve it. An artist I recently interviewed for my blog creates the chord progression and melody together. He then writes as many lyric stanzas as possible before picking a few. Everybody is different!

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