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Diner Date

Spending time with us kids is at the very top of the things to do with kids list. What about a date? A diner date perhaps?

I have a favorite diner. I like to go there because we can sit in a booth with cushioned couches that have big high backs on the chairs. I like this place because you can go out and have a date but be in like a secret booth where no one can see, you can order food and drinks and talk without being interrupted or distracted by everyone else.

Tookii in diner
Tookii in her diner booth

I like to go on a diner date with my Mummy or other friends or family and I like to stay and talk and laugh and talk some more.

Do you have a favorite date spot to take your kids? If not perhaps you could find one together and have a weekly diner date, even if it’s just an ice cream or milkshake and a chat for a bit.

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7 thoughts on “Diner Date

  1. This is cute. When my son was small we used to always get a milkshake and go and sit by a huge water fountain in our town centre and watch the pigeons. He’s 10 now and I can’t remember the last time we did this… I might go and treat him (and his little sister now who’s never been!) to a milkshake this weekend. Thanks for making me remember about this.

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    1. I have the biggest smile on my face and you have made my day sweeter with this. It’s what this blog is all about and so happy you will all be sharing this wonderful time together, making memories this weekend xx

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  2. I don’t have any kids, but I consider myself a kid and behave exactly like one in every sense even if I’ve a grandfather age. Sometimes though I go with a friend of mine who has two kids to a supermarket cafe’ in Kensington London that serves nice jacket potatoes and potatoes wedges and we have them. Or to a local Italian ice cream shop that serves real Italian gelato. -Gelato is Italian while ice cream is the American version more fatty and pumped with air). Being Italian and the Controversial Cook I’m very serious about what I eat, no messing around with it… Food is sacred to me. This is my food and cookery website of which this blog of mine is an extension

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    1. haha that sounds awesome, I’ve heard the saying “don’t grow up it’s a trap” lol Popping your URL here to make it easier for visitors who are interested to click through and take a peek.

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