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Sticky Situation

Things to do with kids making stuff is great for our feeling of self-reliance.

So you’re at home and the kids want to do some crafts and you run out of glue or you’re tired of running out of glue because the kids use too much of your good glue for crafting and / or have left the lid off and it has all dried up.

What to do?

Make your own!

glue for craft
Making glue

Yep, get the kids to start their session of masterpiece crafting with a quick glue making pre-session session to provide themselves with all the glue their inventions could possibly require.

Tookii make glue
Tookii with her homemade glue

As for me … I intend to paper mache, so I have decided to make my own glue because I need a lot and it would be very expensive to use store glue for paper mache crafting.

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13 thoughts on “Sticky Situation

  1. When I was in grade school, my art teacher taught us how to make rice paste glue. Go to wikiHow for pictures on how to make rice paste glue/rice glue. They ahve it in 7 steps, I believe. This paste is great for paper mache and even the Japanese use it in their paper crafts. You didn’t mention what’s your ingredient in making your home-made glue.

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    1. No I usually just give the ideas from a kids point of view and leave the details up to Google. I figure there are plenty of people much cleverer than me already providing the how-to’s. We just Googled one and worked from that, it was flour based but the rice one sounds better, especially if it’s used for Japanese paper art. I am keen to give that a go next time it sounds like it would be better.

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      1. Yes it looks like it in the images in the link, I had imagined something more sheer but perhaps it goes invisible as it dries? I’m keen to find out now lol

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      2. You’re right. It does go invisible as it dries. It will first look as a liquid, opaque with some sheerness on the sides and as it solidifies( especially when chilled in the fridge before use), it becomes almost as a rubbery semi-opaque glob. When you use the paste, remember to wash your fingers afterwards because it tends to harden pretty first because of its exposure to air. You’ll end up with crackly,hardy fingies like Frankenstein–he,he.

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