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Not Naughty

Things to do with kids is not just about activities for kids. It actually has a double meaning and therefore some of my blogs will just be about kids stuff, things that have something to do with kids. This blog is one of those times.

Sometimes it seems like us kids are being naughty when really we’re not, or don’t mean to be. Like when we are little and we have a big day of following you around shopping. Suddenly we aren’t happy anymore. We have little feet and little legs and we get tired too. We aren’t trying to hold you back, maybe we just have sore feet, how do you feel when you have sore feet?

Tookii tired
Tookii tired from shopping and sitting in the shopping trolley

I think it’s important to remember that we are people too and sometimes we feel angry and sad just like you, sometimes we aren’t even sure why we’re having a bad day. Imagine when you are feeling this way and someone told you off because they thought you were being naughty. Maybe instead we need what you would need, some love and understanding and consideration. Peace xx

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15 thoughts on “Not Naughty

  1. It is unreasonable to expect children to have the energy of an adult. Kids have an attention span of about ten minutes per year of age after age five. They get bored or don’t understand the frustration of an adult when they can’t stay focused. Babies have an even shorter attention span. Kids need hugs and a short trip early in the day, not at 1PM when they are hungry, mad and seeking a change. Candy doesn’t make it better, leading as it does to tooth decay. But some time off their feet in-between stores really does help as you reexplain what your goals are and why they are important. Take some time to give yourself some time, parents. Give the kids structure and it will go better.

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    1. Thank you x I think it’s important because when we’re expected to be good all the time it feels like our feelings don’t matter, or are wrong. I don’t think that can be healthy.

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