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Hospital Visits

Continuing our list of things to do with kids, in this blog you could find either side of the story relevant to you. Your child may be the reader or the child in hospital or, perhaps both children are yours?

Some people, children and maybe even someone you know might be in hospital at the moment. They might be bored, scared and lonely and would appreciate a visit.

Tookii reading a story to a baby
Tookii reads to child patient

You could talk to them or read them a story or take a toy or book for them or to leave in the hospital toy box. If it isn’t a child that you are visiting perhaps magazines or a puzzle book might be a good option.

It doesn’t need to be a long visit, even a few minutes can break the day for them and lift their mood. Why not take a box of chocolates for their nurses to thank them for taking special care of them, that will make everyone feel special.

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8 thoughts on “Hospital Visits

    1. Honestly Ann, not as much as I’d like to and the giving chocolates to the nurses idea I actually got from my Great Grandpa but I haven’t done it myself. I took him some chocolates once when he was in hospital and he gave them to the nurses and they all thought he was lovely 😊


    1. Absolutely! I was recently in the hospital where a family member was spending a few days and in the room there was also an elderly lady. She was so so lovely but never really said much, she would just lay in bed. One day we got talking and she was saying how she worked for 10 years in this large store in the city and that was many years ago. She was so proud of that time in her life, I could tell by the way she came alive as she spoke. I had my laptop with me so I looked up the address and showed her the street and current site as it is today on Google Earth – she was amazed and I could see that it meant so much to her to return to that street, even just virtually. I was honored that I could provide that feeling for someone so worthy – she was just lovely.

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