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Plus Pappadums

Things to do with kids who aren’t that thrilled with certain food can include adding an element of fun to take their focus. Or just add fun anyway, even if we like the food – just because you love us πŸ˜€

As I have said before – I like rice. I like most rice dishes that aren’t too spicey. I like white rice and special fried rice but there is something that can make a dish served on a bed of rice even better, fun-er and will probably be a hit with the kids.

You guessed it! It’s pappadums.

Pappadum tower

I like to fork some food onto the pappadum and eat it like that. You can get small or large (I like large) you can get plain or assorted (I like plain) and you can get them ready made like a packet of chips or cook them yourself by putting in hot oil.

Give it a try and see if your kids are keen for pappadums.

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12 thoughts on “Plus Pappadums

  1. I once ate pappadums in an Indian restaurant. They were served as either appetizers or side dishes to a meal. They’re great as snacks too especially with whatever dips you may have around. Bon a petit!

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      1. Yes,indeed. They’re like cracklings . I love pork cracklings(made of deep fried pork fat to a crisp) and served with garlic,hot peppers and vinegar as a dipping sauce. I learned to eat this as young as when I was your age.

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