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It all adds up

I have mentioned before how much I love shopping, in my blog post I like shopping and in this post I mentioned that I am given my own money to go shopping, to teach me about spending and budgeting. All good things to do with kids.

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Another great idea to do when shopping for kids is to get them working on the maths. The things that they want, need to be added up and some kind of cost discussed, to teach the value of things in terms of money and to learn the difference between need and want when a budget is put in place.

I think the younger this concept is begun the better, even if the maths is way, way off, just the practice of thinking about things in this way can increase appreciation and compromise and start good shopping habits for later in life when it’s important.

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5 thoughts on “It all adds up

  1. It’s much better when a kid can manually do addition,subtraction,multiplication and division when calculating expenses. It’s basically a numbers game and it’s even better than depending on a calculator. Sadly, I have seen some kids straight out of high school who totally depend on a calculator or just the price scanner(when working as a cashier) while figuting out how much change to give to a customer. As we say back long,long ago==use your coconut aka brain. Totally agree with you to start early. Keep it up!

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