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Time Together

Spending time together is the very best thing to do with kids.

A family meal is a great time and I really look forward to them but there is a bit of a downside. Usually someone is so busy in the kitchen that we don’t get to spend as much time with them as we’d like to and it seems a bit unfair that they are doing so much work.

Tookii and Mum at table
Tookii and Mummy

Sometimes I like to get the family together for lunch or tea on the weekend and I don’t want someone missing from the table so here’s what I do. I set the table and I serve fresh seafood like prawns, crayfish, crabs and oysters. Things that can be shelled and eaten by each person while they sit at the table and talk.

This could also be done with cold meat and salad and other pre-prepared meals. I have had some of the best meals and conversations this way. And if you use disposable plates and serviettes etc then it all goes in the bin for an easy clean up. No fuss for anyone and everyone is happy to do it all again as soon as possible. Boom!

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15 thoughts on “Time Together

  1. Many modern kitchens nowadays have dining counters with a built-in central table top and cooking station wherein one can cook and still be within reach of his/her guests who are all seated around. In this way,the flow of conversation never gets lost since it would give an appearance that no one is left out. Enjoy the experience of family dining as much as you can. Nowadays, many family dinners have become less frequent because of various work -life schedules to the point that it would be limited now to just special occasions.

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      1. I guess if one wants to have a constant conversation, one has to find time to do so. I always believe that if you want to do something ,you’ll find a way. If you don’t want it to do it, you’ll make all kinds of excuses.

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  2. Family meals are very important to us. We try to have them at least 4-5 times a week. Even if we decide that its a movie/dinner night, we often get together as a family to share with each other about our day and whatever else comes to mind.

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