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Book Worm

Who is going to argue with reading. Things to do with kids reading is a very good idea.

I have always been a bookworm (not sure how that expression came about but we’ll go with it). I love curling up with a book and sometimes I will go back to the same book and read it over and over again.

Tookii reading a book
Tookii reading

I am really starting to develop my love for favorite authors at the moment and getting a feel for the sort of books that I like. This is all still new to me but it’s happening quite organically which is nice.

Tookii reading book
Tookii on couch with Phantom

I have been lucky enough to always have access to a large selection of books, I’m very grateful for this. Reading is definitely a great activity for kids.

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14 thoughts on “Book Worm

    1. Hîs name is Phantom beclaws my favorite superhero is Phantom the ghost who walks. He’s like a superhero when he goes all kitty-ninja lol. Phantom says hi to your kitty and that black and white cats are the best. Hope your weekend is purrfect #kittypun


  1. Touching and holding a book and turning the pages is an experience in itself . Some own now an e-reader and just swipe on the screen hundreds of pages of e-books. Some enjoy such an experience just by swiping. I guess it depends on the person.

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  2. Up to a few years ago I didn’t read many books from start to the end though I was extremely selective in what I read. I skimmed through hundreds in the local library and then when I found one that I liked I would read it all or buy it. That was until I bought a kindle because I had started to self publish my books in amazon and wanted to read mine. After I bought it I became a good reader and I always have my kindle with me that I read when I’m sitting by myself in cafes. Even with my kindle I’m extremely selective in what I read and sometimes I read a book that I like several times. With kindle I can take with me as many books as I like in my knapsack and it has features that paper books don’t have. Now I don’t particularly like paper books anymore. They tend to clutter, they are not good for the environment and above all buying paper books feeds an industry that is very unfriendly, in fact a closed shop, to aspiring new authors, while the e-book industry offers to anyone one the possibility to self publish for free.

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  3. I, too, have always loved reading. Feel lost without a book on my bedside table to read. : ) I am one who prefers holding a book, and feeling its pages, to having a kindle, but it’s all what one prefers, right? What’s important is people are reading. Who are some of you favorite authors?

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    1. At the moment I am loving Lewis Carroll because I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Also enjoying John Grogan and I tend to reread Marley and Me for the feels, also Dr. Seuss still rocks my socks 😊

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