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Pocket Money

This blog may be less about things to do with kids and more getting kids to do things haha.

Today let’s begin with the answer first … Pocket Money = Good !

I could leave the blog there but that would probably be a bit rude 😉

Do I get pocket money?  … No!   I earn pocket money. I have jobs that I have to do and my study also comes into account and at the end of the week (every Friday) I get what I have earned.

Tookii pocket money
Tookii with her pocket money

So every Friday I go nuts and head down the street and buy lollies and toys and … no! Sadly this is not my life. I do go down the street every Friday but I go to the bank.

Yes! I bank half of my pocket money every week. The remaining half is what I have to save up if I want to buy something. I’m told I will be glad I have put this money away in the future so, I’ll let you know. 😉

PS a piggy bank can be a cool gift – so can $1’000’000 (just saying)  😉

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