Tookii things to do with kids eating ice cream one of the activities for kids

Ice Cream

Unless they’re allergic you won’t find too many kids who don’t think that ice cream is a great thing to do with kids.

I might as well just come right out and say it because we all know it’s true … “it’s ALWAYS a good time for ice cream”! I know that there will be some kids who don’t like ice cream or some that may not be able to eat it due to food allergies or an intolerance but for those who do eat ice cream, my previous statement remains true.

Tookii eating dessert
Tookii eating ice cream

I have heard it said “you can’t have any ice cream, you haven’t finished your tea because you said you were full”. I don’t understand this. Do these parents know nothing? Don’t they know that we kids have a whole separate stomach for ice cream? We can be as full as full can be from our meal but that has nothing at all to do with our ability to eat ice cream.

You could even make your own ice cream.

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9 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. Ice cream is my weakness, though it’s the worst thing for you when you have a cold. It will only make you feel worse. It weakens your immune system (as do all sugary things), but dairy also makes your body produce more phlegm, otherwise known as snot. So when I’m not sick, bring it on!

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  2. I love ice cream too. If I want to rationalize my eating ice cream, I can always say that I’m getting my usual serving of milk products but in a delicious way. As a matter of fact, milk is divided into primary and secondary products—-primary is your liquid milk and the secondary milk products are ice cream,yogurt,cheese for instance. If one is lactose intolerant, secondary milk products are good to consume. Hey, if you get your tonsils out, a great reward is eating ice cream. as the saying goes, we all scream for ice cream. For a quick chocolate ice cream, mix cocoa powder,condensed milk and cream and freeze for 6 hours,after which,enjoy!

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      1. Yes. It’s something to have in case you need a quick fix. You don’t need to use a machine for this. Just use your spatula,mixing bowl and a rectangular baking pan to put the ice cream concoction in and then put in the freezer for 6 hours.Just remember to put a clear wrap over the baking pan so as to prevent freezer burn on the “ice cream”.It’ll be easier to scoop the ice cream after the 6 hours. If you want to use a different flavor like strawberry powder for example, then do so. I only mentioned cocoa powder because it’s the most accessible.

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