Tookii things to do with kids with kale one of the outdoor activities for kids

Kale for Kids

If you’re into gardening, sharing your skills is a good thing to do with kids.

Ok so Kale might not be high on the kids choice of side dishes, that’s if they even know what Kale is. But it’s something of a super food and that has to be worth a go.

kale in garden
Tookii with kale in garden

I have found a couple of ways to enjoy kale.

  1. Put it in a salad. I love salad and it isn’t too hard to chop the Kale up quite fine and mix it in. It adds to the flavor but not in a way that you ever end up with a mouthful of Kale so it is quite unnoticeable.
  2. Kale chips are actually a pretty cool snack and easy to make. Just cut or break up into rustic potato chip sized pieces and bake in the oven. Add salt or seasoning of your choice. Give these chips a cool name like ‘Zombie Chips’ or something and don’t mention Kale, they might just scoff them down and come back for more.

Goodluck πŸ˜‰

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28 thoughts on “Kale for Kids

      1. It’s a nice way to sneak veggies into the diet especially for picky eaters. I know someone’s kid who refuses to eat any green veggie so the green veggie was chopped very finely and added to his usual milk shake. The color became a bit greenish but his mom told him that it was just food coloring. He didn’t know any better–lol. Perhaps , sprinkle some kale bits over ice cream and say that it’s ‘leprechaun dust’? Just a thought.

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      1. Thanks for the information. I follow your blog regularly and belv me I didn’t know until yesterday that the blog’s author is this intellectual young lady. I thought it to be your Mama.

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  1. Hi Tookii! This is so funny, because my mama just gave me a 5 gallon bag, (well maybe it wasn’t THAT big!) of kale today! I was desperately trying to find someone to eat it, so it wouldn’t go to waste! My nice neighbor took it.
    I keep hearing about kale chips. Maybe I need to try them.
    Thanks so much for the follow! where did you hear about me?

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    1. Hi Melinda, you caught my attention in the reader. I was searching ‘food’ back to my rice post and your meme came up, I clicked in and enjoyed the memes, there was even a kitty one and that’s me sold everytime lol 😊


  2. Kale chips are great, but I always manage to burn half of mine πŸ˜‰ My favorite way to eat kale is in a Zuppa Toscana soup (is ‘soup’ redundant here?) Our whole family loves it. We sometimes make a healthier version swapping the traditional sausage and cream for chicken and milk. Of course, if you go to Olive Garden, then you get the infinite bread sticks too!

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  3. One other way we eat kale is in egg and ramen soup – I show how we make I make it using spinach, but kale works well too!

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