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Love Letters

Things to do with kids that you might not think of in today’s world include writing letters.

Most people now are online. It’s true that even a lot of grandparents are online. Even my Great Grandparents are online but I have a Great-Great Nanna who is not and never will be online. I can’t just Facebook or Skype her so I write her a letter.

letter writing
Tookii writing her Great-Great Nanna a letter

She likes getting letters, because that’s how they communicated and kept in touch in her day, so she really appreciates getting a letter now because no one really does it very much anymore.

Do you have someone who you could write to, perhaps on some nice letter paper, who would love to receive a letter in the post from you?

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7 thoughts on “Love Letters

  1. Probably some elder relatives of mine who will never go online by personal choice. Nothing beats the thrill of writing a note, putting a stamp on the envelope and reaching its destination. The receiver on the other hand loves receiving it from the mailbox or postman. E-cards are a close second but only possible if one is online.

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      1. Yes,indeed. I really wonder if stationery shops still are available around. Nowadays, you just buy fancy blank paper in the office supply store and do fancy graphic design online and click on your hi-tech printer and out comes your new stationery paper. It’s the new reality now which is why I try to send Xmas/birthday cards in the mail for example, as much as possible.It’s really special as you say but of course, it’s doubly special if the messages of all those commercialized cards were written just for the one who’s supposed to get it.

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  2. You know what, Sweetheart?? Your post was a good reminder to me to write to a couple of my special friends and relatives that don’t use a computer to communicate…..letter writing is a lost art form and I’m very pleased (and actually a little surprised) that one so young is aware of this….Thanks, Tookii for the reminder!!! 😉

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