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Surprise Cupcakes

For children who like cooking and who like cake – on the top of the things to do with kids list should be making cupcakes, and what a nice thought as a gift.

This photo was taken on my Nanna’s birthday. I had come home from school and decided to cook cupcakes and drive them to her house to surprise her for dessert. Mum took this photo just before we left to surprise Nanna.

chocolate cupcakes
Tookii with her chocolate cupcakes

I don’t think gifts need to be expensive nor do they really need to be bought. I think Nanna loved having us come and surprise her with dessert and most of all I think she loved that we come to visit. I don’t think there’s anything that my pocket money would have bought that she would’ve enjoyed more, infact she probably would have told me off for spending my pocket money instead of saving it in the bank.

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2 thoughts on “Surprise Cupcakes

  1. Your Nanna has lived a long life to the point that she already knows what she really wants and needs in life as well as know what’s really important to focus on. With regards to family, she obviously treasures the pleasure of their company because it gives her personal fulfillment and contentment which are keys to personal happiness. I agree with you, Tookii that gifts need not be expensive as long as it comes from your heart and all the effort that you placed into it ,making sure that all aspects of your gift to her will surely please her. BTW, just looking at those cupcakes. Looks like chocolate to me. Must be your Nanna’s favorite flavor. It just reminds me of that HUGE cupcake you made and pictured in your previous blog. I suppose you didn’t want to bake that big for her or else, she might faint in seeing it.LOL

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