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Egg Head

I like eggs and I like to get my eggs right from the chickens or other birds when I can, which are great things to do with kids. There are many great ways to eat eggs that are fun and yum for kids (and big kids).

Do you like fried eggs? Poached eggs? Toad in the hole? (a circle ripped out of the center of a piece of bread and popped in a frypan and used as an egg ring with the egg cracked into the circle, cooked and then all eaten together). Scrambled Eggs? Hard boiled? Curried?

eggs in a bowl
Eggs that make you smile

My absolute favorite is curried eggs and I love them as a salad along with other salads at a BBQ or with fresh fish but I also really like soft boiled eggs with soldiers (soldiers are buttered toast cut into strips so they fit into the egg and used to dip into the soft yolk). Oh and did I mention that I also liked them in cakes ;).

What was your favorite as a kid? And do your children have a favorite?

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16 thoughts on “Egg Head

  1. My favorite way to eat eggs is sunny side up (yolk is in center of egg white) while fried. Sprinkle a bit of salt on top of the yolk while frying and serve it with hot,warm bread or white steamed rice or garlic fried rice with ketchup over the eggs. Second favorite for me would be poached eggs. Hard boiled eggs are convenient to eat as a snack or quick small meal or part of a packed lunch.Eggs can be eaten anytime of the day and is a cheap source of protein.

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      1. Stretch your imagination. My absolute favorite is the fried sunny side up eggs doused with ketchup and eaten with a side of rice(steamed or fried). Really comfort food and it’s a culinary invention courtesy of my parents.

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  2. Hahaha. That’s so nice and smiley 🙂
    I don’t eat eggs now because I’m vegan but I used to love eggs cooked in chopped tomatoes and spices! I’m pretty sure I ate it like 3 times a week! Now I use chick peas instead.

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      1. I decided to go vegan in January as part of ‘Veganuary’ but I had cut down on the amount of animal products I was eating before then. For me it was the health benefits that motivated me most rather than the animals, but I have since learnt a lot more about that side of things and I would try to buy cruelty free products (e.g. makeup).
        At the moment I don’t find the thought of eating meat very appealing and I have learnt to live without yogurt- which I ate like every day before! But I am keeping an open mind and if I really felt like I wanted to eat animal products again in the future I might do.

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