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Permanent Polish

Looking for things to do with kids that teach them how to be a little grown up when they need to be? Try treating them to something that you do as a grown up.

Here I am getting my nails done and having a permanent nail polish applied and set under a uv light. I think some call it shellac. I like permanent nail polish because it is no fuss.

Tookii getting her nails done
Tookii in Salon

Now when I say permanent I don’t mean like a tattoo permanent. It can be taken off at your next appointment so you can choose another color and design and of course if you never go back to the salon, it will grow out.

Tookii gets nails done
Tookii with permanent nail polish

I like permanent nail polish because I’m a kid and I don’t want to be worrying about messing my nails up when I’m doing things. Permanent polish always looks shiny-wet and freshly painted. BUT when it comes to nails and especially kids nails – don’t over do it and always make sure you are going to a quality nail technician to prevent injury and future problems.

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8 thoughts on “Permanent Polish

  1. Just remember too to let your nails “breathe’ in between treatments,meaning no polish at all. Some people have nail polish on too long especially if the polish is too old and the nails become too yellow and no acetone can fix that. The nails will then have to grow out. Folks might mistake those “yellow” nails as signs of liver disease.

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      1. You’re welcome. I love reading your blogs as well. If an idea pops up in my head and would be helpful to others, I usually pass it on. I give my 2 cents’ worth on the topic as need be.

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