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First Day of Theatre

Theatre and acting of any kind are great things to do with kids, if that was your kids like.

This is the photo my Mum took of me right before I went into my very first theatre training session. I was going to be learning to act on stage for the first time and I was excited because I was going to be with a large group of other kids and for an only child that is awesome.

Tookii learns theatre
Tookii first day of theatre training

The whole production was an awesome experience and I loved everything about it. The costumes, learning my lines, acting and having fun with other kids and performing and singing to a live audience. If your child is interested in this type of thing, perhaps you could find a short school holiday course in your closest city and give it a try?

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6 thoughts on “First Day of Theatre

  1. In my opinion, if a child wants to become an actor in both TV and film, he should start first in theatre because in theatre,there’s no room for mistakes. The audience will see the mistakes right away unlike in TV and film, if a scene doesn’t come out right, the director says CUT and in the editing room, they remove the scene that has the glaring mistakes. The scene can be redone again which is called TAKE 1,2,3 as the case may be. Acting in drama is easier than doing comedy because in drama, if the audience doesn’t cry or get angry and just keep quiet,no harm done. But if no one laughs in the audience while the actor is doing comedy, that actor is toast.

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      1. Exactly. Key here is VERSATILITY. Think of the late US comedian Robin Williams. He was a great comedian but also a great dramatic actor. He even won an Oscar award for dramatic portrayal.

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