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Mandarin Magic

Growing fruit in the garden and watering and picking are all good things to do with kids, or perhaps even let the kids be responsible for it themselves.

So here I go with the garden again and yes it’s true, we also have a mandarin tree.

How great are mandarins for a snack and they’re easy to cart to where ever you’re going and even easy for kids to peel all by themselves and enjoy. Oh! And they’re healthy too!

Tookii with mandarin
Tookii holding a mandarin

I love to have a mandarin on the desk while I study. I like to peel all of the peel off leaving only the very bottom and sit it on the table like that. This way I can just break a piece of mandarin away when I want one and I don’t need a plate. Best 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Mandarin Magic

  1. TRIVIA TIME: Mandarin fruit when it’s more reddish-yellow is sold as tangerines. Here in Canada, it’s a Christmas tradition to have a Christmas stocking filled with mandarins. This evolved from history wherein Japanese immigrants migrated to North America and they receive from relatives in Japan some mandarins during the New Year as per tradition. Among the Chinese and this, I should know, mandarins symbolizes wealth and good fortune. That’s why during the Chinese New Year, there’s a lot of gold,orange,yellow fruit around like mandarins for example. Among the important colors for the Chinese are gold(signifies wealth and the round shape looks like a coin) and red which signifies luck,optimism,happiness.You surround yourselves with symbols of wealth and luck, your new year will be great!

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