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Taking no chances with the tooth fairy…

Sometimes my blogs about things to do with kids take on more of the second meaning of the phrase ‘things to do with kids’ in that it’s more about things that have to do with kids rather than activities for kids. This is one of those times. I’m a kid. This story has to do with me so I’m guessing I’m not the only kid who will ever face this situation.

Soo … I have a tooth that is so wobbly it can almost do a summersault one way and a cartwheel the other and I am back to visit my favorite dentist to get it pulled out. This time I am taking no chances !

Once upon a time, one of my teeth fell out and I was told to pop it in a glass for the tooth fairy. Apparently this tooth fairy has a need for unwanted teeth, and collects them at night and exchanges them for money…well that’s what is MEANT to happen.

waiting for child dentist
lovely dental assistant

Now what kid isn’t into gaining a little extra pocket money?

I was spending the night at my Nan and PJ’s house and Nan was showing me just how the tooth fairy liked the teeth to be presented to her and I did everything exactly how Nan said in the hope that I would received the highest price for my tooth.

Join the Cub at the dentist
open wide

I had placed my tooth in a glass with just the right amount of water – just how she liked it – and placed it on the kitchen counter. There was just enough water to keep the tooth wet but not so much that she would need to get her wings wet getting the tooth out of the glass. I went to bed that night feeling accomplished in my efforts and sure that the tooth fairy would reward me very fairly for my accurate presentation of my preloved tooth.

tookii teeth
it’s all good – still room for a lollipop in there 😉

I woke up the next morning and ran to the kitchen to see how much money I had been paid for my tooth. I felt sure this tooth fairy, being that she was a fairy, would be super nice and would give a fair price for my efforts. I went to the kitchen counter where I had left the glass … it wasn’t there. I looked around the kitchen – nothing. “Nan. Did the tooth fairy come?” I asked.

kids dentist
don’t I look relaxed

“oh, I forgot about the tooth fairy” Nan said. I told her the whole glass was gone – Does she usually take the whole glass? Nan came out to the kitchen and frantically looked for the glass – it was no where to be seen.
“John have you seen Tookii’s tooth?” she asked my PJ (short for Puppa John). “It was in a glass on the bench.”

PJ said “no?…”

“oh I drank the water in the glass on the bench” he explained.

…….pause for effect ……

“Yuuuuuuuuck “!!!! I said “you drank my tooth” ! I couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to think about it …yuuuuck !!
And that is why I am having this tooth pulled out before it falls out.
Thank You to my awesome dentist Lizzie

dentist for kids
Lizzie Peglidis (Port Lincoln Dental Clinic)

Lizzie Peglidis from the Port Lincoln Dental Clinic is a superstar dentist for us kids and makes us feel like a superhero for looking after our teeth and going to the dentist. She saves me from nasty experiences like my puppa drinking my old tooth.

Also read my blog No Way am I Getting Out of Here Alive!! about another visit to Lizzie.

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9 thoughts on “Taking no chances with the tooth fairy…

    1. It’s great to hear that your dentist is nice too, it really makes it so must better doesn’t it, Although I don’t know much about going to the dentist with gag reflex, I’m sure a nice dentist would still be better than not a nice dentist for helping you with that. Sorry for the unwelcome reminder of having to go :/


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