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Nanna’s Card

Things to do with kids and crafts are often a good idea and making your own gifts is even better.

My Nanna had to go away to hospital to have some surgery. My Mum had to go with her but I had to stay behind with a friend and go to school.

I thought I would like to make a ‘Get Well’ card for Nanna and give it to Mum to take with her. I asked Mum to give my card to Nanna after she has her operation.

Tookii making a card
Tookii making Nanna’s card

I wish I could go so that I could give Nanna hugs and make her feel better after her surgery but I hope my card will make her happy and feel better.

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13 thoughts on “Nanna’s Card

  1. Nanna will surely love your get-well card! She knows you are thinking of her by way of that card. You’ll have your chance to see and hug her once the doctor says it’s already ok to see her after the surgery. When writing a message in your card to her, write the words as if you are talking to her. Your card will act as a written messenger. Write from your heart. It never fails. Also,don’t forget to say a prayer for Nanna . Prayers help too. I already earlier said a prayer for her recovery.

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  2. Hi Tookii
    Your Nana is so very lucky to have a beautiful and loving granddaughter like you Tookii.
    I have an eleven year old granddaughter and I love her with all of my heart, I hope your Nana is recovering well after her surgery. All your love and cuddles will help her get better soon.
    Hugs for you and your Nana from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

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