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Feel Pretty for Free

Things to do with kids feeling like they are worthy of feeling good about themselves is always a good investment of time.

So you’re busy trying to get a day of shopping done and it starts to feel like your daughter isn’t too keen on tagging along anymore. What to do?

You could pop into a make up and/or perfume shop for a few minutes and treat her to some free samples and pampering with you.

Tookii in Chanel store
Tookii getting pretty with purfumes

She will walk out feeling included and important as well as pretty and grow up like Mum and now it’s back to other grown up stuff like getting the shopping done.

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5 thoughts on “Feel Pretty for Free

  1. Chanel no 5 is a classic perfume which never goes out of style. My mother and obviously also your mom love this scent. I like the smell too but my personal favorite is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. It’s light,a bit fruity like a citrus with a hint of tea scent. I’m more into citrus scents than florals.

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      1. The Red Door scent is very sophisticated. I could picture a woman dressed in the latest French fashion wearing that scent as she walks by the Eiffel Tower in Paris on a bright sunny day or enjoying her coffee in an outdoor cafe somewhere in France. Ah,yes. my imagination can travel somehow. LOL

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  2. You never know the future. One day you might just travel there whether as a tourist or when you get to be much older, a businesswoman, stewardess or whatever your career may be by that time. I was your age when i thought that i wasn’t going to travel at all out of my previous home country(Philippines even though I’m born of Chinese descent.). Well, I’m now here in Canada. In fact, I have an aunt who now lives there in Sydney with her family. She herself never knew that she was going to live one day Down Under. So you never know where your journey will take you. Never say never.

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