Tookii things to do with kids at Hummock Hill one of the outdoor activities for kids

Hunt for History

Things to do with kids that include both history and an amazing view and great photo opportunities are an absolute winner and also quite rare. Here is such a place.

Something that is really cool to do with kids is visit places of history. Memorials, museums, historical walks – anything interesting. I love places that have information like a tour guide or information stands that you can read yourself.

Hummock Hill war gun
Tookii with the anti-aircraft battery at Hummock Hill, Whyalla SA

Here I am at Hummock Hill in Whyalla, South Australia. And may I just say that the view alone was well worth the visit, how beautiful is this? Whyalla is a beautiful place that’s for sure.

Tookii reading Hummock Hill history
Tookii reading about the history of Hummock Hill

What a beautiful location for some photos and even some with the big war gun but as far as the story and history of Hummock Hill well, that’s something to find out for yourself when you visit. Is there somewhere like this near you that you could spend some time in history with your children?

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11 thoughts on “Hunt for History

  1. Here in Atlantic Canada, I’ll mention a few tourist attractions that kids may be interested to visit. You already saw online the Flower Pot rocks at the Bay of Fundy here In New Brunswick already. Type the ff: Here in New Brunswick, there’s Nackawic—home of the World’s Largest Axe; Shediac–lobster Capital of the World; in nearby Nova Scotia province—-there’s Oxford—Blueberry capital of Nova Scotia. All 3 towns have hugs statues to look up to. Enjoy!

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    1. This is so cool, thank you so much! I have been collecting photos of ‘big’ statues in towns that we go through that have them, so I can blog about them sometime. I think these ‘big’ things would interest and amaze most kids like me. Your suggestions look awesome! I wish there was a way to do blogs about each of them but I don’t see myself getting that far away any time soon lol.

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      1. Before, just reading a book is like taking a journey. Nowadays, with internet, you can now go on a legless journey anywhere without leaving home. Those statues that I showed you are just like the main landmarks of small towns. I don’t know how much blogging you can do but let me see, there’s also a huge salmon statue in Campbellton ,new Brunswick and also the Big Work Boot at the LLBean Store in Freeport,Maine,USA. If I think of something else, I’ll let you know.

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      2. Oh awesome! Thank you so much! What I need is guest blogging kids / people all over to share their area favorites. That would be amazing but I wouldn’t even know how to go about something like that but what a cool idea. Thanks again Josie xx

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      3. You’re welcome. I’m now enjoying the start of a long holiday weekend here in Canada–Victoria Day. The USA will have theirs in a week from now—Memorial Day. These days are the unoffiial start of summer. Enjoy the sunshine and get your natural Vit. D but not too much . Also wear sunscreen.

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    1. What an awesome thing to do together! I’m so happy to hear that you are inspired to revisit your activity that you love doing with your mother – it’s why I blog xx


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