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Time in the Garden

Things to do with kids that allow you to spend time together are always a good idea.

Do you have a garden? Or if you don’t could you create a little plot or a large pot even?

Tookii in Puppas garden
Tookii sitting on straw in the garden

Spending a nice day in the garden helping with the watering, planting and picking is a great thing to include children in. Even better is giving them something to be responsible for all by themselves. Even if it’s just planting and watering a herb, this can be great for them when you ask for some of their herb for dinner and then giving them credit for the flavor at the dinner table in front of the whole family.

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5 thoughts on “Time in the Garden

  1. I have a small cactus plant and a Japanese bonsai plant. Low-maintenance garden care for me since I’m usually out at work. Don’t have a big garden to call my own.. Having a cactus can be good too when you have heavy drought or if you’re in the desert.. You can pull one cactus leaf out and drink the water that it stores.

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    1. Bonsai ! That is so cool ! I wonder what the water from a cactus leaf tastes like. I guess if you were thirsty enough it wouldn’t matter what it tasted like.


      1. Think of the cactus as a prickly water container . If you got lost in the desert and see the cactus and drink the water from it, I agree that how it tastes wouldn’t matter. In fact, it might taste so good since one would be grateful to drink water in the first place. Just imagine not eating for a week and finally eating a piece of food that you don’t like. Your tummy will thank you for feeding it as well as it will taste so good to eat something after all.

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  2. My daughter dug the hole for a little pond for wildlife. I have a little cartoon that I drew of the event.
    My son loved to play on a water slide made of plastic sheets on the lawn. All his little friends used to come to the garden to join in the crazy fun. Again, a cartoon of that too! I generally draw cartoons of events in which I have found some joy, even for a moment. I always feel joy when I really know that my children are happy. I miss the enjoyment of a garden. Am moving soon where I will have peaceful , safe outside space again.
    Yes, it is good to hear that you do things in the garden. I used to find that I forgot about time and troubles when busy in the garden.

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    1. You draw cartoons? Awesome ! I have not had a waterslide yet but I definitely will, I just haven’t got around to it yet. It’s great that you’re moving to have an outside space again – it sounds like you enjoy it so much 🙂

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