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Frozen Inspired

Girls like to feel pretty. It’s important. We might have some funny ideas sometimes but it’s all part of finding our identity.

Ok ! I’ll admit it. I might have been a bit mad about the movie Frozen back when it first came out. I knew every song word for word and just about every line of the script too (aarrr did I say that out loud? lol) Well it’s true.

Tookii nail art
Tookiis Frozen inspired nail art

I found this photo of the time I decided to have my nails decorated to show my love for Frozen. So here they are … my frozen inspired nail art which I’m sure I would’ve worn with pride at the time. Don’t judge me lol

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11 thoughts on “Frozen Inspired

  1. Nice manicure. Frozen 2 will be coming. We express ourselves and live our lives as we see it as long as no one else gets hurt in teh process. As Elsa expressed it in her song, that she’ll be her own person(real self) with no reservations,therefore she’ll LET IT GO all the naysayers.

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      1. Tookii,
        It’ll be a while before the sequel arrives. It’ll be around 2018,not before. Here’s the website to go over… click on this: /… /14/everything-you-need-to-know-about-frozen-2

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      2. You’re welcome. I got this info from one of my nieces who’s also into Frozen like you. Every little info counts. I suggest that you go into the Disney website for more definite newsupdates regarding Frozen 2 from time to time. In this way, you get informed ahead of time.

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