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I Can’t Jump Cats

This story isn’t exactly a recommendation of things to do with kids, but of the type of experience you may face when you have children.

One day my cat was being a cat and laying in the way. I thought I would just jump over the cat but the cat got scared and jumped up and ran away – with my foot.

I landed very wrong and screamed very loud and off we went to the hospital.

Tookii in hospital
Tookii in A&E getting a plaster cast on leg

They put a plaster cast on my leg which I had to wear until I could have an x-ray done to see what was wrong, if anything was broken and if I would need surgery.

Tookii using crutches
Tookii leaving hospital on crutches

It wasn’t too bad getting the cast on and it was my first time – just cold for a while.

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21 thoughts on “I Can’t Jump Cats

  1. Tooki , I am glad you’re feeling ok in spite of everything that you had to go through. Please listen to what I have to tell you. In case you feel that cast becomes too tight for your leg, to please let the doctor know right away.He may have to adjust the cast and perhaps,do an x-ray on your leg as well . That cast has to be snug,not tight nor loose either. It’s supposed to support and immobilize your leg while it heals which is why the cast has to be a good fit.Don’t let anything wet touch that cast or else that plaster and the bandages might soften/crack. I learned this from my CPR/First Aid training since I also happen to work for the Red Cross. To cheer you up, you can have your friends/relatives sign autographs or notes on your cast with a marker. Just ask your doctor first if it’s ok to do that in your case. I know you’re a cat person but always remember that cats are just like any other animal;they all have instincts to act on. What your pet cat did to you was not because it didn’t like you. It’s just that it acted on its instincts for survival.Always remember that.

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    1. Thank you Josie! This was a while ago for me but I just love all of your wonderful advise. I love it because I write posts like this incase someone has a child (or a child) is going through something like this for the first time and finds this blog because they were googling and looking for advise on what to expect and what to do and how the child might be feeling. Even just showing their child this blog might make them feel better, seeing another little girl go through it ok. This is why your advise is so great – it will be useful for kids or parents coming across the blog in future. Thank you again xx

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      1. So it was a while back. I looked at your photos. I should have noticed. Height-wise, you were shorter then but face-wise, still the same. Anyhow, just remember… if anyone has a bone fracture, obvious signs would be the ff: persistent pain in spite of treatment(ex. a cast already in place); obvious swelling of the injured area as if it “ballooned” out and could get especially painful when still in a cast. Sometimes,fractures aren’t noticeable and one has to be vigilant. Healing time for bone fractures in kids(also called ‘green-stick’ fractures ) takes up to 6 weeks. As one gets much older and sustains a fracture, healing time gets much,much longer. Your previous fracture was probably minor enough to heal already. If it were a ‘crushed’fracture, the outcome wouldn’t be too promising. Might require surgery as well as extensive rehabilitation. ‘Crushed’ would be like breaking up a bunch of eggshells with a mortar and pestle. Ewww indeed. Enough of this tutorial. Have a good day!

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  2. Well done, with your bravery, and smiling through the plastering!
    I haven’t ‘liked’ this post only because it seems wrong to ‘like’ something which is about someone getting hurt.
    And I guess there won’t be any more jumping over cats, for young Tookii!? It sure is easy to forget what sensitive creatures the Animal Beings are. These kinds of times serve as good reminders.
    I reckon there’s two beings in need of extra care after this incident – Tookii….and the cat?
    May your foot heel amazingly well and quickly!

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    1. Hi Ellah, I am trying to respond to your last comment on the Pinterest post but it’s failing. This would be because I accidentally posted it and have deleted it so I thought I’d find your last comment to reply to – which is this one πŸ™‚ I am so excited for you! Good on you for doing a blogging course, you will be able to show us all how it’s done xx

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    1. I asked Mum (’cause I don’t really remember the emergency part very well) she said they did an xray and set it in a half cast and she had to make an appointment to go somewhere else to get a better xray to see what was actually wrong, but they said it was my knee and cast it to keep it still.


      1. yes this is awhile ago now. I have had surgery and done my time on crutches n months of therapy to get my leg to straighten (sigh) it went on forever but all in the past now 😊


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