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Music Certificate #1

Things to do with kids achieving things for themselves is great for self-reliance.

You will probably find that I mention Music Theory a bit on this blog, like my post How Kids Learn to Write Music for example. This is because I am studying music theory.

This is my first graduation photo. In this photo I am holding the first ever music certificate that I have achieved. This certificate says that I have successfully completed my exam for the Theory of Music – First Grade and that I passed with High Distinction. To gain a high distinction you have to score 95+ out of 100 and I actually achieved a perfect score of 100%.

Tookii with music certificate
Tookii with her music certificate for Theory of Music – First Grade

This certificate is not a child certificate. This certificate, and the exam that I had to sit to gain it, are for the Theory of Music – First Grade and would be the same if I was fifty years old.

I was eight when I achieved this particular certificate. It was hard work to get my study and knowledge good enough to gain a perfect score but I was proud once I was done.

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7 thoughts on “Music Certificate #1

  1. I am guessing that you have achieved many more certificates since! I also has me guessing just what age you have now reached! You are speaking of being 8 years old like it was a long time ago!?
    Sorry, it may be too curious of me. No need to reply. How about clues in the blogs?
    Me, I think I already declared my grand accumulation of 63 years! :D……. Definitely old enough to be a great grandmother, but with no grandchildren.
    oh, and me, I got to grade 3 in pianoforte when I was 11. These days I chant instead, and, give me a big bass drum…. I’d be a drummer, I reckon.
    Congrats on all your acheivements, Tookii!

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    1. It’s true this is not my only certificate ( but that’s another blog lol 😉 ) I have my family’s support to do this blog but I have some conditions, certain personal information that I am not to share on the internet, my age is one of these things – I’m sorry about that. WOW Pianoforte Grade 3 by the time you were 11 – THAT IS AWESOME! I take piano lessons but I do not do the practical exams.


  2. Yes, of-course, I totally respect the conditions! And that is very right. In fact, I see that it was not right of me to even enquire of your age. I am sorry about that.
    Life on line is really not the same, is it, as in real life! All very new to me!
    Thanks for the acknowledgement that I did well with my piano exams. I did work extremely hard to achieve those qualifications. I rarely play piano in my grown-up life.
    I always really admire people who can play instruments ‘by ear’ however. (no, not literally with their ears! ;D ). I have managed to improvise on the piano at times, and that is when I really most enjoy playing piano.
    What I am trying to get around to is this: that MUSIC THEORY is a brill thing to get a handle on! This is because it will allow you to RECORD ANY MUSIC that comes flowing out of you onto a piano or any other instrument, if you wish to record it. That can be a wonderful thing!

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