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Free Lemons

Gardening and growing food are great things to do with kids. I have mentioned my Puppas garden before with blog posts like Not So Secret Garden and A Plant Called Lucky and Going Bananas but I haven’t mentioned anything about the lemon tree. My Puppas lemon tree is sooo full of lemons that we have to give them away, so, so many of them.

Puppa goes fishing alot and he is very good at fishing, so we eat alot of fish. We use the lemons from his tree to drizzle on the fish mmmm fresh lemon juice on fresh fish 😀 But other than that we don’t really use that many. Alot of friends take some lemons home when they visit but it still leaves alot of lemons.

Tookii with lemons
Tookii with Free Lemons

Sometimes the tree gets so heavy with lemons that the branches look like they might break so we pick a wheelbarrow full and give them away in the street.

Tookii with umbrella and lemons
Tookii with umbrella giving away lemons

Puppas lemons are so big and juicy, they are just like an orange when you peel them. They don’t ever take long to disappear.

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15 thoughts on “Free Lemons

  1. Aside from making lemonade, you can use the juice of the extra lemons( in case you can’t give it all away) as a general houshold cleanser or hand soap, use the lemon zest or rind as potpourri or decor in your pastries,also use in cooking and baking.You can even donate them to a local food bank. If you invert the word LEMON with the E as a curly letter, the words NOW 37 will come out as the age of the lemon tree.(Word lemon written backwards). Makes a great riddle in guessing the age of the lemon tree IMO.

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    1. hahaha I might just steal that riddle and try to trick someone lol. You have lots of great ideas for lemons. I have seen Nanna rubbing her cutting boards with lemons and putting them on the table to wash our hands with after eating crabs and she also puts slices in carafes of water for the table. I guess we must use them for more things than I realized now that I’m thinking about it.

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      1. True,true. Lemon has many uses. It’s just a matter of finding them out. I don’t own that riddle. You’re free to use it. I first learned about it when my grade school teacher many years ago told us about it. Oh,yes! Also for the word LEMON, you can also curve the letter L backwards so it comes out as a number 7.

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  2. Dear Tookii, Again, a lovely post.
    I expect you know there is a ‘saying’… goes something like….’ When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade’…….I think that is it, anyway. So……There are probably lots of people with plenty of nice cool lemonade to drink in all that lovely sunny weather that I see in your photos! 🙂 …………
    this post is a welcome little message for me to remember how we can turn something, that we may not be able to eat just as it is (lemons can be too ‘bitter’) , into something that is very pleasant to have ( like lemonade, soap, pot-pourri, etc)., and that we can do that with other things in life…….. ……..
    don’t get me wrong, Lemons are wonderful, wonderful fruit! You are so blessed to have a lemon tree in your family.! (…..there is a lovely song, isn’t there, about a lemon tree?).

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    1. oh yes I’ve heard something like that before and you might be right, the people taking the lemons might be making lemonade. You have inspired me – I am going to try and make some homemade lemonade one day – perhaps I’ll do a blog and let you know how it went. I’m not sure what song is about a lemon tree but I do love this old song about a tree, called The Giving Tree


      1. well the tree had issues on the truck and so had to be removed, but we still have an apple tree and some blackberry bushes. and I planted the apple tree out front so people could help themselves – but most never do…
        but your “free lemon” photos are completely inspiring

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    1. Oh yes limes too – they are awesome! Inside and outside limes fix everything lol from an infected tooth to itches, bites and dead skin and it’s so so good for you inside also. I LOVE limes they are magic 🙂

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