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How to Play ‘I Spy’ 4D

Trying to think of fun things to do with kids while you’re travelling?

We road trip quite a bit and on these trips we play I Spy. Do you play I Spy? Perhaps you call it something else like Riddlee Riddlee Ree. If neither of these names ring a bell then perhaps you have never played.

I Spy (or Riddlee Riddlee Ree) is a game that is played (often on car trips) where a player will chose an object that can be seen and say “I spy with my little eye something beginning with” or “Riddlee riddlee ree, guess what I can see, something beginning with” and then state the letter that it starts with.  The other players then take turns guessing what it could be until someone guesses correctly. It is then their turn.

Tookii and Nanna
Nanna taking Tookii to the water pipe

When I travel with my Nanna and my Mum we quite often end up playing I Spy in 4 dimensions (4D). This is because, if Nanna thinks we haven’t experienced something or haven’t seen something before or, we can’t guess because we don’t know what something is called, she will stop the car and we will be off on an adventure through the scrub.

Tookii with her Mum
Tookii with Mum

On this day Nanna had chosen the water line for us to guess and we didn’t get it and she said “don’t you know what that is”? and “do you mean to tell me you have never walked the water line before, we all did it as kids”.

Tookii walking the water pipe
Tookii walks the line

Next thing you know the car is stopped and we (Mum and I) are out of the car, through the scrub and up walking the water line. It was fun though. I love I spy 4D with Nanna.

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    1. It’s no different for us really and it’s usually a quick 10 minutes but it’s not unusual for us to stop once or twice on a day trip. We check out memorials, ruins, look outs and things that we come across too and gives us a chance to stretch our legs.

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