Tookii things to do with kids Little Tookii and baby kitten one of the activities for kids

Born this Way

Animals are often featured on my blog when discussing things to do with kids and activities for kids to do with animals are almost endless. Some of the very best things to do with kids involve pets. Mostly my pets are cats.

It’s no secret … I love kitties!

So far I have mentioned cats in my blogs Who said you can’t ride a cat? ,  Tiger suits me anytime and That’s a Wrap. Even My Valentine this year was beautiful Teddy. I can’t help it, they are just so darn toot and it isn’t my fault because I was born this way.

I am 3 years old in this photo and as you can see by this photo, I have always loved kittens.

Tookii with black kitten
Little Tookii with baby Mica (Mikey)

Sorry not sorry. I will always love the kitties and all their fuzz and stuff xx

Tookii Friends


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12 thoughts on “Born this Way

  1. sometimes, i do not make a ‘comment’ because i am just too sad or happy, after reading your delightful posts. Usually, it is tears of joy, really, not so much ‘sad’.
    I do not have grandchildren. I reckon I would love to have a grandchild just like you, Tookii.
    ……..anyway , yes, I have loved my cats too, and my dear guinea pig ( ‘cavie’ is their proper name).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All of these comments and I have not used a single kittypun? Very unlike me! lol
    Kitties are the purrfect pet to love and I will love them furr e furr and e furr #kittypun
    (aahh that feels better and that should make up for the lack of punning on my part) 😉 lol


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