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Ukulele for You?

As you know I’m into music. So any activities for kids to do with music are great things to do with kids in my mind. Here is an idea for an instrument that won’t drive everyone else in the house insane in the early days of practise. You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

I’ve heard it called ‘four strings of happiness’ – I’m not going to argue. In this old video footage I am having my first go at the Uke. Why am I suggesting the Uke as an activity for kids (or anyone)?

  1. It is a very inexpensive instrument, unlike most instruments other that say the recorder and really do you want to listen to a recorder? Didn’t think so haha
  2. You always have room for a Ukulele no matter where you’re going.
  3. You don’t need electricity so it’s great anywhere, even at the beach – perfect.
  4. It’s not hard to listen to, even when mistakes are common.
  5. You can be playing easy song in minutes and have your friends singing along.

It’s also heaps of fun, doable without being a musician and boy does it have swagger.

Grab a ukulele for less than $100Β – even just a cheap toy ukulele and pop it in the kids toy box.

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9 thoughts on “Ukulele for You?

  1. Tookii, you are always delighting me with your new posts, and the novel views you have of each subject. What a wonderful communicator you are.
    The ukelele is a jolly instrument. I have tried one in the past. Who, knows, maybe I will listen to your idea, and try it again.

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  2. It always fascinates me about playing those string instruments(ukelele,banjo,guitar,etc). I doubt that I can play them at all. The only thing I can play and its not portable is the piano unless It’s a portable musical organ or accordion. Good work!

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    1. The ukelele is easier to get started playing songs on than guitar or banjo and there are lots of ‘easy songs for uke’ on the internet as well. Uke is also cheaper and well worth giving a go since you are already musical πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks for the support. If I do get a chance to play a uke, I’ll try. For now, the other thing I can do WITHOUT an instrument is singing a capella. Had tried karaoke and of course,a lot of vocalizing from playing minus one to under the shower for practice–lol.Have a good day!

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