Tookii things to do with kids walking a dog one of the outdoor activities for kids


Some things to do with kids can include animals – if they like animals. One of the best companion animals is a dog. Some great activities for kids are also great activities for dogs, and these activities are some of the best things to do with kids to get outside – especially if they’re feeling sad or lonely. If you don’t have a dog – borrow one.

I have never had a dog as a pet, I have asked and asked for a puppy but the answer is always “no”. If you have this problem too then I may have a solution.

… Borrow someone elses dog.

Tookii walking a dog
Tookii walking a little dog on the beach

I don’t mean steal it – what would be the point? If you could keep a dog you would be allow to have your own. I mean ask to walk or play with a friend or neighbors dog – it’s a win,win,win. You get a dog to walk and play with, the dog gets to walk and play and you might save the dogs owners some time doing these things.

If it’s something that you really enjoy and want to do regularly, perhaps you could start a dog walking service for some pocket money. Who knows? If you show you can look after a puppy, maybe your parents will change their mind about letting you have one?

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2 thoughts on “Dognapping

  1. My boys love animals but we can’t have one at the moment, so we also get cuddles from our friends’ pets, and sometimes volunteer at the animal shelter to help with socialising the cats and walking the dogs. It gets harder and harder to leave them behind, though. 😦

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