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Unseen Snake

Sometimes finding some things to do with kids is as simple as walking outside and exploring, talking and just spending time together and taking things as they come – you never know what you might find.

Tookii pointing out snake tracks
Tookii with snake tracks

This is a snake track and yes it is a real one, I didn’t just draw a squiggle in the sand lol

I didn’t mind coming across this snake track because it was in a wide open space and I could see that the snake was no where around me. If I had seen it somewhere else I might not have stopped to investigate.

Snakes are loved by some and feared by others. Which would best describe you?

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10 thoughts on “Unseen Snake

  1. I love snakes, because they are natural Animal Beings on this Earth, just the same as all other Animals and Plants.
    To love an Animal is a different thing than ‘liking’ the Animal.
    I mean, I may feel a dislike for an Animal if I got bitten by the Animal, because of the pain or discomfort that I might feel.
    BUT, I would still ‘love’ the Animal Being. That means that I would still have true compassion and respect for the Animal Being, and so would carry on treating the Animal with all possible consideration and kindness.

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