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Mustache Me

Things to do with girls feeling pretty will always be a good thing for their self-esteem.

I am having a little mustache fad at the moment and I may have gone a little overboard with it when I got my nails done.

Yes! You are really seeing what you think you are seeing haha … Mustache stickers on my nail polish.

nail art
Tookii with mustache nail art

Too much?

Oh well, what’s the point of having a fad if you don’t commit to it, right?

Nail Art with mustache
Tookii feeling spesh XD

At least I don’t have one on my face, and being that I’m a kid, and a girl, that is a relief !

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23 thoughts on “Mustache Me

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    For my special grandson who is toying with his own blog.
    Check out Tookii’s.
    It is splendid.
    Much Love Grandma Regular❤️

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  2. Ha! Ha! So amusing, Tookii!
    And you make a good point about committing to an interest (maybe we don’t need to be especially serious about our ‘fads’ though?)
    And what pretty nails, as well!
    Being much ,much, much older than you, Tookii, I could have my very own real moustache, I reckon! I just think I probably look prettiest without it! ( smile) ( I don’t know how to put a little smiley face logo onto these comments).
    I wish you a lovely day, ‘Lady’ Ellah.

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    1. hahahaha I love ya xx
      for smiley face type : and then ) (no space)
      for wink face type ; and then ) (no space)
      for surprise face type : and then O (no space)
      for cringe face type : and then / (no space)
      for big smile type : and then D (no space)

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  3. Aww!! This is tooo cute Tookii!!! It feels so loving to see you here, such a cutie pie you are. ❤ Thank you so much for following me. So that I come to meet you here and follow you.
    Love ❤☺

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