Tookii things to do with kids with her doll birthday cake one of the activities for kids

Doll Birthday Cakes

Some things to do with kids just scream AWESOMENESS. For little girls who are still into dolls – this is so much awesome!

Oh it’s so much work to make a doll cake. Is it really worth it?

YAASSSS! Yas! yes, yes, yes, u-huh, a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y!!

I was 4 in this photo (I know because there are 4 candles on the cake lol). My Nanna made this birthday cake for me.

four year old Tookii on her birthday
Tookii with her doll cake

My Nanna is not a cake decorator and this is the very first time she had ever bought and used fondant icing. She sat up all night making this cake and I will never forget it.

I had never seen anything like it, I had never seen such a beautiful dolly and I was still young enough to believe in dolls and it was just the most magical thing I had ever seen and I felt so special that it was for me.

Is a doll cake worth the effort? I hope I’ve cleared that up for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

And remember; if cake making really isn’t your thing – you can always have one made.

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11 thoughts on “Doll Birthday Cakes

  1. Whether you make the cake yourself or not, make sure that the cake is specially made only just for you. It will show in how the cake looks like—design,color,flavor of the icing,etc. Lovely dolly cake by the way! Also, don’t forget to take a picture of each special cake so you’ll have a collection of memories after the cake is eaten. You never know.You might want to have the same cake made again. Just showing the picture will help make it happen.

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  2. oh my goodness, Tooki! Your little stories are such a source of joy!
    What a wonderful family you have, that they care for you in these ways.
    And how lovely that you appreciate them so well.
    I have tears of joy in realising what beauty of spirit is out there somewhere in this world.

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