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Dress Ups

I am a big believer in dress ups for little kids! Activities for kids that involve creativity and imagination are so important.

Dress up for Halloween or anything. I dress up just because I can. I love playing a make believe character and dressing for the part.

Here I’m something like Snow Whites daughter gone zombie or something? haha

Tookii zombie princess
Tookii dressing up for halloween

This was Halloween a few years ago so I not exactly sure what I was meant to be but I do look awful that’s for sure.

If you like to dress up for no real reason – check out my fun Not Me Night blog for another idea that can be done anytime for no occasion at all.

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7 thoughts on “Dress Ups

  1. Tooki dear, I was a little shocked, and then sad, when i opened up this photo of ‘dressing up.’

    You are a very pretty person in all your photos, and this one too.

    The serious little expression that you have in this photo makes me think that you were having a worried thought.

    If that was, or is, so, I would like you to know that all troubles pass on by, and then they are just in the past and we forget exactly what was the trouble back then.

    We just have to keep doing the kind of lovely things that you do, bringing joy and happiness, newness and interest into life. You are very good at these things. Happy days to you, Tooki.

    (I am commenting from my only wordpress account. It is about very serious subjects so I do not think you should read it. I think you found the one post, about ANGELS, which is not of a possible upsetting nature. I am glad you found that. Please keep taking your family’s advice on what to read, ok.)

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  2. Tooki, I wonder if you would be comfortable for me to ‘share’ this post’ on my site?
    I completely understand if you prefer that I do not.
    I am trying to make another site, for ‘easier’ subjects.
    You may think that would be better.
    I do hope this is ok to ask, anyway.


    1. Of course it’s ok to ask 🙂 I am here to represent children and anyone who has an interest in the thoughts, concerns and interests of children (i.e. parents, businesses serving children and families, gift buyers for children etc). I trust what you have in mind means no harm to this ideal, and if so I would be honored and thank you for thinking of me xx


      1. Tooki, it’s ok, I have only in mind to encourage the human species along the road to a truly compassionate world.
        Even so, I will think very carefully before sharing your work. I thought of sharing that particular post because, for me, it seems to reflect the sadness which is behind most of my work. Please always speak up if you are less than happy about anything I say here.

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